Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Beginning

Once again, Vinton is beginning again following last year's windstorm. On Saturday, May 19th, several community members came together to plant tree at the Vinton Public Library and a couple of the city parks. We hope that this will inspire all residents with a renewed interest in planting more trees to replace those we lost last year. The picture shows Mark Pingenot from Trees Forever and City of Vinton Parks employee Brian Elwick demonstrating the proper method of planting a tree.

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Restaurant in Vinton

We have a new Mexican restaurant in Vinton called La Reyna. I have been told that this is translated to "the queen" in English. This restaurant has been open for a couple of weeks after some high anticipation from Vinton residents. The restaurant had to learn how to cope with the overwhelming crowds when it first opened, but now appears to be doing quite well. The restaurant moved here from Iowa City after the owners had started a salsa business in Columbus Junction. This picture shows Carlos Legaspi. He and his wife, Carmen, are co-owners of the restaurant.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Continuing Cleanup

The City of Vinton is continuing with the cleanup following the devastating windstorm of July 11, 2011. The picture shows logs that have been cut by a logging company employed by the city parks and recreation department to clear an area near the sledding hill. The department is not paying for the work, rather the logging company pays for the logs taken from city property. This money will be used to remove trees that the logger can't get to and to replace trees lost in the windstorm.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Century Begins Construction

New Century/Farm Service has begun work on their regional service center on West 13th Street. The construction represents an approximate $6.5 million investment. Dry fertilizer will be hauled in by rail and truck and then taken out by truck. The City of Vinton will soon begin a $1.6 million road improvement project from Highway 218 to the site to handle the expected increase in traffic.

Golf Cart Use in Vinton

It's warmer outside and this means we'll see more golf carts on the streets in Vinton. Use of the carts are permitted throughout Vinton except on those streets that are also state highways. This includes C Avenue, K Avenue and portions of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street that are part of Highway 150. Golf carts are allowed to directly cross these streets. Other regulations for golf carts can be found under Chapter 77 of the city code at