Friday, January 25, 2008

AmeriCorps Is Coming! AmeriCorps is Coming!

What do you do if one of the largest state institutions in your community faces a shut-down by the state? Well, if you are a group of dedicated community-minded individuals, you look for a way to keep it opened.

This is what happened when the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School was facing a shutdown by the state. A group of individuals successfully recruited the National Civilian Community Corps program of AmeriCorps to use the Braille School as one of two Midwest training sites. We are expecting an influx of 160 volunteers, aged 18-24, and a staff of 12 to arrive by July 1, 2008.

This is great for the Braille School which has a rich history including famous students such as Mary Ingalls, sister of author Laura Ingalls Wilder; and for the City of Vinton. These young people will give the local economy a good boost as they actively live and participate in our community.

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merlene said...

AmeriCorps NCCC is excited about the opportunity to expand national service in the North Central Region and about opening a campus in Vinton, Iowa. To find out more about how you can serve with AmeriCorps NCCC or sponsor a team to "get things done" in your community, please visit
Please make the following corrections to the blog posted 1.25.08 titled AmeriCorps Is Comming! There will be approximately 12, not 30 staff, at the campus. We will not lease the building for 10 years, but hope to enter into an agreement with the Board of Regents for a 12 month period with the potential to renew it annually if all goes well.